Just left Austin and wow that was a BLAST. As a city, it was super charming. And as events go, SXSW couldn’t have been better (minus the odd torrential downpour). The population of Austin was so bloated by the time we left that catching a cab was next to impossible. And we were just there for the interactive segment. The music portion of the festival is just beginning and 30K <strong>more</strong> attendees will descend on that place in the next few days, doubling the attendance. Walking down 6th street last night, I counted over 28 live bands playing on a single hike down the strip. The city was wrapping up all the telephone poles and parking meters in saran wrap, as a defensive measure against stickering. Wishing I could have stuck around for the madness…

Highlights from Interactive:

  • Matthew Inman (theonion.com)… great presenter!
  • Elon Musk talking about rockets that hover and touch back down on the landing pad, standing up
  • Tina Roth Eisenberg’s 11 life lessons
  • Reggae night at Flamingo’s Cantina
  • Makerbots building toys for gumball machines
  • Leap motion controller
  • The artists of ImageThink
  • kids busting out of handcuffs at the College of Lockpicking booth
  • Catching free serendipitous rides onthe Mifft bus
  • Friends from Burning Man
  • Friends from Duarte
  • Austin hospitality and charm
  • Ridiculous amounts of BBQ