Hey Prezi users! Want some free goodies to help dress up your presentations? When I’m not designing cinematic presentations for clients, I spend the majority of my time working with the Visual Language team at Prezi, building templates and visual assets. In the process, lots of ideas end up on the cutting room floor, or simply don’t have a home in Prezi’s template chooser. And a handful of these have been so useful for us in our day-to-day, we decided that they were too juicy not to share.

BEHOLD! The Business Presentation Resource Pack. Your 1-stop hub for diagrams, brainstorming resources, and more

Save a copy of this prezi for yourself, and hit any of the links inside to make an instant copy of the template of your choice. Each of them have been designed with a versatile and professional style, neutral background color (easy to swap with your specific brand colors), and suggestions for use.


Diagrams can be copied from one prezi to another. The kit contains sample combinations to inspire your own ideas

The pack includes templates for:

  • Business Model Canvas
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Technology Adoption Lifecycle
  • Elevator Pitch

Also included are a few handy toolkits:

  • Diagram Elements
  • Brainstorm Elements

The diagrams are all vector-objects, and are particularly fun to play with. Since they were made in illustrator, the colors are not editable within prezi, so these also feature a relatively neutral color scheme that looks good against a wide variety of background colors and photos. You can combine them to create complex diagrams, info graphics, or even use them to annotate your existing graphics and photos.


TIP: If you think you’ll frequently use a particular element, right-click (or cmd-click) on it and choose “Add to My Collection.” Later, you can quickly drop this into any Prezi if you click on “Insert” and choose “From My Collection.”